FTTx Products

FTTx combines all areas of telecommunications from e.g. FTTH - Fiber to the Home, FTTC - Fiber to the curb and FTTA - Fiber to the Antenna. With FTTx, broadband connections with gigabit speeds can be realised to and from houses, buildings and antennas (such as LTE, 4G, 5G, etc.). The so-called "last mile" is usually realised using fibre and/or copper cables. In fact, only fibre is able to guarantee a future-proof and stable broadband service all the way to the subscriber.

Challenge is opportunity

The upcoming decades will be challenging for all of us when it comes to providing subscribers with "high-speed" broadband services. Exponentially increasing data traffic currently meets partly outdated infrastructure. A fibre-optic infrastructure ensures extreme high upload and download capacities for your community.

All FTTx needs

Our products are designed for perfect compatibility and increased installation speed. Therefore, it makes the design of the project very easy. We provide every type of cable over closures, cabinets, termination boxes, and patching equipment.

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