Structured Cabling

At the center of every local network is mostly located inside or between buildings. No matter if it's a twisted pair or a pre-terminated optical fiber - those products are basically the central system of every house, campus, hospital, or office building. The CABLEDOC team is especially proud of the 25 year system warranty. We are confident that our structured cable networks will deliver what we promise.

Technology from the field

We know that network projects are often coming with tight schedules or budgets, which makes us also aware that the products need to be of perfect quality but also easy to install on the construction site. This helps the project manager and makes installation smooth for the team on site.

System warrenty

We promise 25 years of warranty if all the products in combination are from CABLEDOC. Our product range provides customers everything needed for their projects, ranging from twisted pair cables to modules, racks and patchfields but we also have a full range of inhouse fiber applications. Find out more about our portfolio on the button below.

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