DOC’s passive network solutions

Data transmissions are essential for a contemporary world. No matter if your future network is based on optical or electrical signals, we will help you with our wide range of products and passive network components.
Our fields of expertise

Areas of our expertise

FTTx Products
FTTx covers all applications of optical fibre (FTTH, FTTC and FTTA) for the last mile, enabling high-performance broadband connections to homes, buildings and antennas (such as LTE, 4G, 5G, etc.).
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Industrial Networks
Our products for industrial applications includes all passive components such as standardised CAT-cables, racks and patch panels. Furthermore, we manufacture customised solutions at our own workshop.
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Structured Cabling
One of the most important components for future-oriented networks is structured cabling. Whether copper or fibre optic cable, we offer you everything you need to set up your home, office, school building, etc.
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Product Solutions

FTTH Cables
There are nearly uncountable variations of cable designs with various types of fibers inside. We can provide every type and design of optical cable and fiber needed and help you decide.
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Pre-Terminated Cable
Is no splicing team available? Easy, just use our pre-terminated cable solutions, which are custom-made to order for all individual lengths, including the connector types used in your network.
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Twisted Pair Cabling
At the very core of structured cabling networks is the Twisted Pair Cable. We believe in the quality and reliablity of our products and provide the customer a 25 years system warranty.
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